Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Washi Paper Coasters

Just recently, I shared the washi paper coasters I made using the heavy weight coasters as part of my friend's bday gift. Thanks to Cami, she suggested it would be a great idea for the craft fair at my work place. I wasn't sure how well it would sell so I ended up making 3 sets with 4 in each of the same design. Today was the first day of the craft fair and to my surprise, they are all gone! yay...also, my paperclip bookmarks are gone too and my one and only post-it note frame was gone when I checked out the craft fair. I give huge credit to people who do craft fairs all the time and make a lot of stuff. I didn't make too much but it was still hard work for me! :( But it's good to see people buying things you made!

The 3 designs...

All 12...

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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-Joel Osteen


  1. Beautiful!!! Love the paper.

  2. Great advice from Cami! Glad you were able to sell everything! :)

  3. You need coasters all the time. You can't have a cold drink on a wooden surface without getting condensation drips all over the table and leaving unattractive and damaging water rings.

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