Friday, May 21, 2010

Create a Critter Creations

About a month ago, I received the create a critter cricut cartridge that I bought online since there was a sale! All the animals are so cute! They are easier than Spongebob since there are no itty bitty pieces! I only got to make a couple things so far...but excited to make more!

This card was for my friend who went to Las Vegas for the first time!
(the 7's were from the George cartridge)

Made this for my pocket planner...if you know me, I love things with smiley faces! :)  

Glad tomorrow is Friday! It's been a long week!

"We affect generations to come with the decisions that we make today."
-Joel Osteen


  1. Such cute critters! With that cute frog for luck, I hope your friend hit the 7s!

  2. Super cute card & pocket planner! Your friend will love the card. Love things with smiley faces too :)

  3. Too cute! I love that cartridge! BTW, that is Nancy Kubo's already have it! LOL!

    I forgot to reply to your email...I'll have to do that in a bit and write my cousin about what she does exactly.


  4. That is a great cartridge to have. Cute stuff Cyndi!

  5. Love your froggie! I haven't used my cartridge yet but am so excited to after seeing your frog!