Friday, October 22, 2010

Craft Fair...

this weekend at Blaisdell! It sucks that I only got motivated to make stuff at the last minute! That's okay, it's a fun hobby so I'm not out to make profit! But it's always nice to see people want to buy something you made. So, I only made stuff for the craft fair because my mom's co-worker will be there and she told my mom she wouldn't mind selling stuff for me. Awesome! My mom gave her the stuff today at work and some stuff were sold already because her co-workers saw them! Nothing too they are...

Washi Paper Covered Wooden Coasters (36, 4 in a set)

Here's one up close...
put decopauge glue on top to make it waterproof.

Here's the back...
put a cork sheet to finish it off.

Post-it Note Frames...

And a few calendar frames...

They look really simple but yet I had a hard time with choosing the images and colors! :(
But thanks to everyone's comments who keep me going!
Hope everyone has a nice Aloha Friday tomorrow!


  1. Good Luck Cyndi at the craft fair! I'm sure you will sell everything! Love all the items that you created!

  2. Ditto what Marisa said! These will be a sell out!

  3. These are awesome! Good luck with the fair, Cyndi!

  4. so cute all your stuff! I am supposed to do a craft fair but I haven't made anything yet! yikes! love your ideas though. have a great week!

  5. Great job Cyndi! I want to do a craft fair too but don't think I have time to create some stuff for it maybe next year. Good luck with the fair. That's the first I hear about that decopauge glue, need to get me that. TFS!

  6. Awesome projects for the craft fair! I love your washi paper coasters - great idea!

  7. Wow Cyndi! These are great items for the craft fair! Bet they all sold out already! The washi coasters are very, very pretty and make such a nice gift! Hugs, Cami

  8. Love it all! I'm sure you will sell everything! Can you tell me were you got the little calandars? Thanks and Good luck!