Sunday, October 17, 2010

August OCS!!

OMG! It is October, and I just realized now I'm totally behind on posting the cards for the OCS!! My bad! :( For August, my partner was Chris D. from Michigan. The theme that month was to make an Asian card. For my card, instead of stamping, I decided to make an origami kimono, tutorial was found here. It's harder than it looks because there's so many folds, but it was fun making!

And here's the card from Chris D. ...

Here's the crane and sentiment close up...

It was such a coincidence that we both made origami kimonos!
It's always fun trying new techniques and learning from others!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far!
The weekends just fly by!


  1. So cute cards! I love the origami kimono you did! ;)

  2. You did a fabulous job on your kimono card Cyndi! :) Glad you shared it! Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  3. Your kimono came out so pretty! You should see what mine looked like - pretty retarded - I gave up! After seeing your card, I might have to try it again ... any hints to pass on?? LOL!