Thursday, April 28, 2011

Washi Paper Projects...

Just wanted to share more things for the craft fair! I had a lot of washi paper so I decided to make some magnets with them. I made some marble magnets and clothespin memo holder magnets. They are simple but very time consuming!!

Sorry the pic is fuzzy but I already put in the clear bag...

Here's all the sets...(minus 2 that are still drying)

The glass marble magnet up close...

All the sets...

I knew I should have taken a picture of them before I put it in the bag but I just bagged as I went along...
and now I'm just glad these are done with!
Just gotta pray they sell!!
Thanks for your visit and for your encouraging comments!


  1. I love anything Asian. The clothes pin note holders and glass marble magnets are super nice.

  2. wow! these are sweet! love what you did with all those marble magnets! too cute! have a good Thursday!

  3. wohooo girl!! you were busy!! Love the way these turned out! as many, i love anything asian and really loving these... Love the glass marbles too! have to pick me up some tomorrow! =D

  4. Wow they are beautiful. I made a bunch of these glass magnet for my son's market day, where they will be selling some handmade items and using fake money that they earn from doing their homeworks. Since I learn this from a M&T it was something easy for him to make. I also use some washi paper too.