Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mini Calendar

I got carried away last year buying a lot of 2010 calendars, then I kinda got stuck with them! Mostly because I ran out of time to make all of them! :( One day hopefully I can make stuff really quick! :) I got started on one of the calendars and decided to make it for Denise! I was hoping it would cheer her up since she's been through a lot lately! Plus, she was also my partner for this month's OCS! I'll post those later. Here is my calendar...kinda plain, still working on creativeness!

This is what it looks like on the stand! TFL!


  1. Hi Cyndi!
    I see you got your blog up and running! Glad you were able to figure out how to get it back! Cute calendar! I'm sure Denise will luv this!

  2. awe...so cute! love the idea for a calendar! I used all of mine up, but I bought those kind that you can make your own month...yup, never used it yet! oh wells. there's always next year! lol! have a good hump day!

  3. Hi Cyndi! WOW, I am positive that Denise will be so happy and love your calendar. You are so sweeet to send some cheer her way.