Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Books

Awhile ago I saw some handmade perpetual birthday books while browsing the web and finally got the chance to try it out. Even though I saw ideas online, this is something I had to figure out on my own since I don't have 8 1/2 x 11 chipboard and instead I have the rectangular one. Surprisingly, it did not take me too long to figure out how to make the months in Word. I just made 2 for now ( gave them away already) to see how I like it...I think I'll be making more! :)

The cover...

One of the inside pages...

Front of 2nd cover...

 Both of the covers I used Two Scoops Rice Designs stamps and the Cricut for the lettering.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I probably said this before but...
"Life is really what YOU make of it!"
If anything is "wrong" in your life, you can't blame anyone but yourself even though we tend to blame others.
It's all about knowing how to deal with things that come our way and if it's about someone's personality that you don't like, you can't take it personal and know that it's them not you.
Some things in life I will never understand but life must go on...


  1. great idea! i think i might give this a try one day!

  2. Wow! what a wonderful gift/idea to make! love how it turned out. sweet images you used on each one. have a great week!

  3. Looks like a very SWEET idea Cyndi! Thanks for the inspiration!