Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Girl's Day!

Happy Girl's Day everyone! So sad I didn't get to post for awhile! Didn't get to craft this past weekend even though I had things I needed to get done....I'll post those soon! But today I wanted to share something I made for girl's day. I thought it was a little crazy because I already had something else I needed to finish, but when I saw this on  Dandelion's blog and I just had to try it! I made the measurements a little bigger because I used the See's candies lollipops! And it would've been nicer if I had more time but I thought it came out okay for doing it in little over an hour! I told myself I wanted to try to start making things for people for every little holiday/occasion!...I think except St. patty's day!....not really a big fan! :) TFL! Hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. I love those japanese girl images!


  2. cute! love these lolipop holders! love the images too. Happy Girl's Day!

  3. Hi Cyndi!
    Cute project for Girls Day! :)
    Your "package" or I should say "box" will be in the mail today or maybe tomorrow! Sorry for the delay . . . busy, busy, busy!

  4. Ooooh this is adorable!!! Love the stamp you used goes perfectly with Girl's Day!!!

  5. Happy Girls' Day Cyndi! Very cute candy holders!

  6. Awww too cute! Happy Girl's Day to you too!


  7. These are so cute!! Happy Girl's Day to you too!!
    Jodi =)